Dog Lover Gifts: A Personalized Gloves Story

Personalized gloves always have a story to tell. Actually this is a great idea for dog lover gifts, especially for someone special that you have a warm and loving relationship with and you want to surprise them with a unique gift idea. Now here’s an emotional story about a truly loving and caring grandma I had the honor to meet.

Dog Lover Gifts: A Personalized Gloves Always Have A Story To Tell

One day I received an order and a message that came with it: “These gloves are for my 9-year-old granddaughter who recently lost her dog. She has such a heart for animals, and I’m so glad I found you on etsy! Since you can customize, I would like the all-pink with a fuzzy dog like a brown Lhasa Apso.

Since Jan didn’t have an image I did some research to find an image that looked close enough to her granddaughter’s dog. This is what I sent to her:

She loved it and wrote back to me: “Thank you! The dog at this link is perfect!
So, I made exactly what she asked for – a pair of pink gloves with a fuzzy dog like a brown Lhasa Apso for her dear granddaughter.
After a couple of weeks I got a message from Jan.
I received the gloves yesterday, and I can’t wait to see Sydney’s face when she sees the adorable puppy face that looks like the dog she lost! Blessings to you.
It made my day 🙂


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