All You Need Is LOVE (with BZ Fingers gLOVEs)

Fingerless gloves keep you warm on chilly days while keeping your fingers free for more projects!


Travel Flax Seed Therapy Pillow


Cute and adorable Mini Foldable Warmers/Coolers Case has unique design that allows you to get heat or cold therapy treatment anywhere you go – in the office or study room, at home or studio, even in the movie theater, you name it.

The case has two pockets for two small flax seed pillows. Pillows are made of 100 % cotton fabric.  Mini Foldable Warmers Case measures approx. 6.5″ X 3″, when folded – 3”X3”

 Mini Foldable Warmers can be used for reducing:

Neck pain

Ear aches

Sinus Pain

Dry eyes syndrome

Tooth aches

And much more!

 KIDS absolutely LOVE it and let you use it for heat/cold therapy treatment!

 For Heat Therapy:  Heat pillows for about 30-45 seconds and flax seeds retain it’s lovely warmth, with the subtle aroma.

ATT: All microwaves are different so please be careful.

Please, take pillows from the case’s pockets before warming up in a microwave

For Cold Therapy: Place pillow in a plastic zipper bag and place in the freezer for 1 hour.