Personalized Dog Gifts

November is here and it is the best time to do your Christmas shopping. Especially if you want to order custom OOAK gloves for your dear friend or family member on line.

Personalized Dog Gifts

See some latest creations and hurry to place your order. I am getting really busy 🙂
Also sharing with you some customers feedback. Thanks!

“Love the unique designs and perfect craftmanship in the design. They are gorgeous”

“I LOVE THESE!!!!!! They fit really well, and are made very well. Not to mention the adorable custom design!!”

“it’s totally fantastic and my sister loves them :). thank you very much :)”

“Good shipping time, item as described, good quality and great resemblance to my dogs :)”

“Hello again Elena, I wanted to get a matching pair of gloves for my husband as a surprise gift,, with the same dogs, because he’s rather jealous of mine 🙂 Do you need the pictures again? All the best, Alexandra.”

“Love these! So comfy and perfect fit. Great communication with the sizing, color I wanted, and mega fast shipping! I was impressed with how quickly these were made for me and shipped. Very happy. Thank you! :)”

“High quality and absolutely adorable. Thank you! :)”

Let me know what you think. Would you order a pair or recommend to friends?
Looking forward to read your comments on these Personalized Dog Gloves


Gifts For Cat Lovers – Something Different

This is a historical moment for BZ Fingers. It changed the store section name, the blog category, the blog description and the name of the blog itself. Now, all my beloved dog lovers, we have company! A CAT!

Gifts For Cat Lovers – Something Different

One day I was surfing Internet for some black and white images for one of my numerous projects. One picture grabbed my attention. I really loved and still loving it. I had to put it on gloves.
Here is an awesome gift for cat lovers! Your baby stays home but you can take him/her with you wherever you go!


And what is also wonderful about it? By choosing a different fleece color you can get gloves with different cats. Eye color also can be changed.


Order Your Cat Gloves Today.
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Dog Lover Gifts: A Personalized White German Shepherd Gloves and Facebook

Yes, July is a slow month for BZ Fingers gloves… There are very few sales. However!

Dog Lover Gifts: A Personalized White German Shepherd Gloves

I love it actually! I take my time when I get the order. Especially when it is someone as cute as this one. His name is Brody (Marcus Brody) and he is a white German shepherd with what they call biscuit coloring.
Somehow this description makes me hungry for biscuit 😉

A customer wrote to me:
“Roni is a FB friend of mine and showed off her gloves. They will be perfect for my daughter for Christmas! I’ll order them right now. Ginger”
Awesome! BZ Fingers FB page works! I thought it’s useless, but you never know who is visiting your page and actually watching what you are up to.

To make it short – I have completed the gloves and shipped them out. They will be there way before Christmas. I wonder if Ginger has enough patience not to give them to her daughter before 😀
Also hope I am not spilling out a secret and Ginger’s daughter is not reading my blog.

Here they are


Oh, NO, those are biscuits!
Here are gloves:


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